About Us


We support all endeavors sponsored by the Mississippi Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Each chapter is free to focus on activities important to its own sponsoring SCV Camp as well as supporting SCV state and national efforts. The OCR will support all endeavors sponsored by the SCV, including but not limited to, the preservation of ALL Confederate symbols. That support, as well as ideas and talents will determine the direction each OCR Chapter will take.

We assist the Mississippi Division Sons of Confederate Veterans and the local camps in historical, educational, benevolent, and social functions, especially the preservation of Confederate symbols. It is a way for you to support our Confederate heritage, which is now under attack. We formed in 2016 to aid and further the cause of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and to support all endeavors sponsored by the SCV.

The Order of Confederate Rose is open to all ladies, twelve years of age or older, regardless of ancestry. It is non-racial, non-political, and non-sectarian. The Order of Confederate Rose will not compete with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, or with any other genealogical organization. We invite members from other genealogical organizations to join with us.

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