Help Save Historic Rodney

Historic Rodney Needs our Help

For those who care about Rodney Presbyterian Church or history in general, it has come time to ask the public for help.  A structural engineering firm was recently hired to assess the integrity of the structure.  The bill alone was for $2,145.00.  Since we have not been able to get the 501(c)(3) status back as of yet, we, the Mary Ann Forrest Chapter Order of Confederate Rose has agreed to help until the Rodney group gets the status restored. This way any donations will be tax deductible for the donors. We will earmark the money donated by you (be sure to put on your check the word Rodney). 



Our DONATE  button is a PayPal account and you will see Write a Note (Optional) on the page. This is where you insert the word Rodney so we will know where to place the money. PLEASE NOTE RODNEY!!!!!


Or you can make checks and mail them out to Mary Ann Forrest OCR, P. O. Box 720411 Byram, MS 39272.    *MAKE SURE TO HAVE RODNEY NOTED!

Once the Rodney group gets the tax exempt status restored for the Rodney Foundation any money we are holding will be transferred to the Foundation account. 

We want to thank you ahead of time for any donations any of you can make no matter how big or small. They all add up and will be used specifically for saving the old church.

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